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Translations from GERMAN into ROMANIAN; Translations from ROMANIAN into GERMAN.

Here are the language combinations we cover!

We provide specialised translations in 80 languages and hundreds of language combinations.

>We receive the document from the customer and, depending on the source language and the target language, Swiss Solutions delivers you the document you send, translated by the best translators, as soon as possible.

Besides translation services, our company provides interpreting, revision, DTP, translation notarisation and other connected services.

Swiss Solutions is one of the most important language service providers in Romania.

Since 2004, Swiss Solutions has focused on providing specialised translations in more than 80 languages, in such fields as the automotive, medical and pharmaceutical, legal, financial, engineering, IT and marketing industries, with an excellent price/time/performance ratio.

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Dedicated team


Fast delivery


Specialised revision


Native translators





Client’s request

When a client submits a translation request, a dedicated project manager confirms receipt within 15 minutes.


File and requirement analysis

Before we respond to the translation request with a quote, we examine the files in detail to ensure we can meet all specifications regarding the language combination, the subject matter and the deadline.


Price quote and deadline

Once we’ve finished examining all the details, we send out a customised quote including our recommended solution, a suggested deadline, and an estimated budget. Before we proceed with the translation process, we make sure the client has confirmed our quote.


Identifying and assigning the resources

The project manager is responsible for identifying and assigning the resources. He or she chooses the specialised translators to be assigned to the project based on the type of text, identifies and recommends the most suitable glossaries, and suggests CAT tools to ensure better quality control.


Study, research and translation

Our workflow is then taken over by the translator. After having received all the details regarding the translation project, he or she researches and carries out an in-depth study of the specific terminology required, checks to see if there are any client-specific terminological requests, and makes up a new glossary of terms where necessary. The main goal is to ensure the use of consistent terminology and phrasing.


Reviewing the document

The next step is to proofread the translated document. Our Reviewing Department assesses the translation accuracy and makes sure all terminological specifications have been met and that the entire project is in line with the client’s original request.


Formatting the document (DTP)

In the end, we make sure the layout of the translated text is similar to that of the original document.


Translation delivery and invoicing

Once the project has been completed, we deliver the files by email, ordinary mail or fast courier service. We also issue the invoice under the agreed terms.

What our clients say about us

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Corporate Communication Support Officer

Company field: Automotive

“Professionalism and promptness. These are the first words that come to our minds when it comes to our experience with the Swiss Solutions team, a team permanently concerned with meeting our requirements. Our team, always understanding the needs of the company, together with the Swiss Solutions Translation Agency have built a respect-based relationship, whose purpose is the quality of the final result.”

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Marketing Specialist

Company field: electrical installations

“We started working with the Swiss Solutions Translation Agency only to have a backup in this area. The promptness of the team members, the accuracy of the translations, the availability for communication and, last but not least, the support provided by the team – to us, the beneficiaries – turned this “backup” into a beautiful 5-year collaboration. We thank the Swiss Solutions team and we are looking forward to completing future projects. “