Linguistic Audit

Find out the truth about just how well prepared your employees are with a certain foreign language. We’ll let you know how well your team deals with a certain language, easy and fast.

Iconita servicii linguistic audit
Iconita servicii linguistic audit

When you’re determined to establish the exact language capabilities of your people, or candidates to a certain job or project, linguistic audits are the right solution.

Who should get audited?

Companies looking to get a complete image on the linguistic abilities of their employees or job candidates to future roles will order a linguistic audit. This can be general, as in, for the entire company, as well as individual, for certain people or departments. Everything happens online, thanks to audit software allowing us to evaluate your team virtually and with fast and concise results.

The tasks of the linguistic audit


The writing task is for evaluating the written communication skills of the candidate


The speaking task is for testing the verbal communication skills of your team


We’ll test grammar, vocabulary and overall writing know-how


We test discourse fluency as well as vocabulary and style

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The phases of linguistic audits:

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Establishing the needs of out partner

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Choosing how to work the audit through

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Timing the audit by specific dates

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Running the scheduled evaluations

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Sending out the feedback after the audit

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Issuing a certificate based on the results of the audit