A revised translation for impeccable content, every time.

Iconita servicii review
Iconita servicii review

The reviewer eliminates the need of going to another agency and extra costs. He will put in the work to satisfy all of your needs and instructions, taking style and size into account, for a higher level of content delivery.

The benefits of the review

A reviewer or proofreader is the individual who gets your translation from great to perfection, with everything this implies. He is extremely careful and can easily point out grammatical errors, topical issues, context problems and so on. He is the revisor you need before you go live with your content.

Why you should proofread your content?

The editor is the „good to go” person in any editorial office or publishing house. Things go if he or she says they can go. The revisor is able to deliver the best possible version of your translation, in terms of grammar and phrasing.


The first step of the proofreading process is a comparison between the source and target texts. The editor makes sure the layout is on point, as well as the style, terminology and grammar.


The second step of the process involves identifying the inconsistencies in terminology, as well as making sure the specific terms are translated right. What matters here is the attention to detail.


Now the revisor will look over translation convention irregularities. Besides pagination, they make sure there are no lexical or structural issues, as well as others, in the translation.


The proofreader uses special software for their work, as well as memories, dictionaries and terminology glossaries, all for ensuring an immaculate translation every time.

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During the proofreading stage:

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First, we make sure all client’s expectations are met

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Then we make sure the new content is accurate

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We ensure the source text makes sense in the new language

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Then we double-check grammar, punctuation and lexicology

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We accurately work through numbers, images and charts

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Finally, we go through spelling errors, adapting the content if necessary