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Five Reasons To Order Marketing Translations (And Five Not To)

Considering that the “marketing guy” is writing this article, saying that there are situations where it’s better not to order marketing translations is a bit of a paradox. However, this is very true and it can save you from unnecessary costs. The world of content, social media posts, and endless planning is fascinating. However, in […]

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Online translations, trustworthy or a disaster?

If you open Google and type “translations” the search engine will bring up “online translations” as the first option for what you’re looking for. Why? Because the phrase is so popular that Google anticipates that’s what you want to search for. Online translations have many benefits, but they are not as useful or straightforward as […]

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The Five Most Common memoQ Errors and How to Fix Them

If you sometimes stare at the memoQ errors you get like the cat in the picture above does to pedestrians, do not panic! Professional translators usually hear about this program during the first couple of projects they receive. Some do it at the conference in Budapest where, for three days a year, we combine business […]



The Pandemic As Seen Through The Medical Division of Our Translation Agency

The world we live in changed dramatically in 2020. The events of those first months of the new decade turned our lives upside down. In the medical field, a new challenge emerged, an age-old danger, the pandemic, but one that arose in a world caught off guard. Medicine immediately embarked on a difficult mission. Not […]


Vasco is your live translator in Japan, Peru, Germany and beyond

It’s January 31st, 2000. You finished work at your job, where a computer has recently made its appearance, and the whole company is excited. You get home, enjoy dinner without additives, and sit in front of the newly purchased colour TV. There, you watch the latest episode of Star Trek. The protagonists talk to aliens […]

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Fake translations and hybrid translators. What’s new and old with languages in 2024

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and your 80-pound German Shepherd, Luna, comes to you in bed. Instead of barking, she speaks to you in a language you understand. Before you call for help, thinking we’ve lost our minds, experts say that this technology exists to translate the sounds made by animals into something more understandable […]

swiss solutions 2023


10 Unique Things We Did in 2023 at the Agency

For our agency, 2023 was truly unforgettable. These are big words, but we say them with a note of gratitude and innocence at the same time. Although we had an extraordinary year, we don’t want to take it too seriously. There’s always room for more projects, better work, more productivity, etc. However, it’s good to […]

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How to write and translate marketing slogans and why it matters

We often hear about marketing and slogans in most industries of the world but… what is marketing, more exactly? This question comes back again and again, and one possible answer can be summarised quite simply. Marketing is the bridge between a product or a service and the client. Bluntly put, it is the tool which […]

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Journey to America: Movie life and the future of translations

You will never forget your first trip to America. From the moment you step onto the plane until you land, your heart beats faster and faster and you can’t wait to see the famous skyscrapers of the city you’re landing in through the window. In New York, most flights from Europe land at J.F. Kennedy […]



Ten Tips for Young People Who Want to Become Translators in 2023

You’re a student of the translators/foreign language faculty and have no idea what the future holds for you. In fact, most of the time, you have no clue about what’s happening. You go to classes, take exams, come home, and repeat. We understand. We’ve been there too, even worse, in fact! It can get even […]

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