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Medical Division

Translations save lives

The largest medical enterprises on the planet trust us with our life-saving translations.

The Medical Division of Swiss Solutions is a separate department exclusively dedicated to medical translations. We work with experts in the field, with years of work in the medical practice and pharmacy, ensuring safe and revision-free translations.

We work with hundreds of partners from Romania and overseas who know our division is the right choice for any medical translation, regardless of complexity, word count or speciality.

Our translations are made by medical professionals, and then proofed and verified by translators with years of experience in the medical field. Based on your profile as a client, you will enjoy a clear and fast solution-based collaboration with us, as well as a dedicated project manager. Every single project we take will be sorted in the most productive way possible, for both you and ourselves, always taking things like legal matters, confidentiality and authorizations into account.

We are ready to help you with translations for the entire medical and pharmaceutical domains: RCPs, clinical trials, medical analysis reports for a second opinion, medical articles, marketing content, bring-to-market authorization files for pills, brochures, catalogues, medical presentations, medical devices, medical websites and APPs, medical software and a so on.

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What can we do for you?


Medical translations

Use your superpower to save the world

Translations turn medicine into a more relatable field for the general public. In the medical field, translations are suffering from a constant struggle with correct terminology use and revisions. Specialized translators will take care of this aspect of the job, focusing on these key aspects in order to avoid any mishap.


Medical interpreting

No event left untranslated

Conferences in the health field are exciting events with international attendance. The foreign participants of these gatherings want to learn more about the latest discoveries, as well as communicate with their counterparts directly. Our interpreters will translate any event in real time, in any language.



A second opinion for your translation

Medical companies pay tons of money for researchers who are literally trying and sometimes changing the world. You simply don’t want these incredible talents and minds wasting their time with revisions. Our proofreaders will give back the precious time your researchers lose with editing mediocre translations.


Medical gadgets

The medical miracle also happens in the lab

Modern medicine encompasses medical devices we could only dream about 50 years ago. Before coming into the market, a gadget has to have its documents translated perfectly, with a focus on terminology and legislation. Our division will make sure your launch day is met with nothing but success.


Desktop publishing

We put a focus on clear design

Our in-house designers have experience with turning any translated document into a perfect match after editing, including the medical ones. The brochure will look exactly like you want it to look. The images will shine, and the titles and pagination will turn out great.


Subtitles and voiceover

Show and tell them what you can do

If you’re on TikTok or at least subscribed to a few YouTube channels, you know by now that video is at the top of marketing strategies for the years ahead. Our subtitles and voiceover services help you visually talk to your audience in any language, via writing or by speaking.


Pharma translations

Modern pills, the secret weapon

Doctors cannot function without pills. Pharmaceutical translations are directed by international standards when it comes to the prospect and even the packaging. To ensure great results, we work with medical and pharmaceutical staff who’ve been carefully selected for the job.


Medical marketing

It matters how you tell your tale

In 2023 businesses will pay big money on marketing, simply because that’s how the world works. With our medical marketing service, your translation will be ready to go live on your social media, your website, on the prospectus of a new pill or anywhere else. It’s that extra sprinkle of magic that you need.



One place for all of your files

Stop looking for a translator for every single type of document you need to translate. Our specialists will translate your studies, pill authorizations, brochures, medical presentations and marketing content, device manuals and everything else from the industry. Let us deal with the documents while you focus on saving lives.