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Online translations, trustworthy or a disaster?


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If you open Google and type “translations” the search engine will bring up “online translations” as the first option for what you’re looking for. Why? Because the phrase is so popular that Google anticipates that’s what you want to search for. Online translations have many benefits, but they are not as useful or straightforward as they seem at first glance. On the contrary.

In the first part of this article, we’re making an anti-campaign for ourselves. That means we’re telling you why we, a translation agency, think you’d be better off with an online translation than coming to us. But if you read until the end, you’ll also discover why we strongly believe online translations are almost never the ideal solution for you. Regardless of your field of activity.

Online translations, five reasons why

When you say “online translations” you’re actually talking about several things at once. It might simply mean you’re translating something on Google Translate. Or, if you’re more “advanced” with technology, on ChatGPT. There are also online translation services, free or for a fee, that can translate your documents almost instantly. In any case, online translations come with several clear benefits for the end users.

Solve translations from anywhere

Online translations provide instant access to translations in a variety of languages, making communication and collaboration globally easier. You no longer need intermediaries or to pay any additional costs. You go to the website, add the text, press a few buttons, and just like magic you have the translated text back in record time. It works anywhere, at any time.

Get your translations immediately

With modern technology in hand, online translations can be done in real-time or in a very short period. This allows the recipient to quickly address any translation needs they have and easily expand their presence in foreign markets. You no longer wait for confirmation emails, feedback implementation, nothing. You get your translation almost instantly in most cases.

Pay less or nothing at all

Compared to traditional translation services, which can be costly, online translations can often be more economical or even free, providing a cost-effective solution for companies with limited budgets. If you’re just starting out, it’s natural to want to spend as little money as possible on translations. And Google Translate or ChatGPT (the free version) will cost zero bucks per translation.

Automation and efficiency

Using online translation platforms can streamline the translation process through automation and efficiency, reducing the time and effort needed to obtain accurate and consistent translations. In practice, you completely eliminate the human element and “enjoy” the efficiency of a computer, which never gets tired and, at least in theory, never makes mistakes. In reality…

Flexibility and scalability

Opting for online translations, companies have the flexibility to translate content according to their needs in a scalable manner. In plain terms, they can manage a larger volume of translations efficiently and without being limited by internal/external resources. When you have a computer program that doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job, things obviously move faster.

Online translations, five reasons why not

And now, the part where we tell you how cool we are! If you reread the first part of this article, you’ll see two clear ideas taking shape: speed and lack of human intervention. Although online translations are fast and lack human intervention, these two elements often lead to quite small or significantly large disasters. Why? Because translations without human supervision are not the most qualitative. Going for online translations comes with extremely important downsides.

Accuracy is a calamity

Online translations often rely on algorithms and machine learning technologies, which are often prone to errors and incorrect interpretations, leading to inaccurate or even confusing translations. A translation agency works thanks to humans. That’s why we can’t offer free services. But it does offer accuracy, trust, and a translation you can rely on 100% of the time.

Localisation is non-existent

Online translation technologies always struggle with capturing the subtle meanings or cultural references from within a text. This often leads to the loss of the original meaning, or translations unsuitable for the target audience. If you want to speak the language of Bavarians, it will differ from that of northerners in Germany, for example. In an agency, native translators localize the translation based on the targeted audience specifically.

Confidentiality? Security?! Sure…

Translations often contain very sensitive data. Especially technical, medical, legal… the list goes on and on. Using online translation platforms can bring risks related to the confidentiality and security of your data, especially when it comes to sensitive or commercial information. Data can be exposed or compromised during the online translation process. An agency works with NDA contracts and has security measures designed to protect your most sensitive information from leaks or data aggregators you might stumble upon on the internet.

Technical limitations

Some languages or specialized domains may be poorly covered by online translation tools, and the results will surely be less satisfactory in these cases. You need that human touch to ensure the quality and accuracy of your translations. It’s better to start the project directly with the help of humans, such as the project managers and translators of an agency.

Lack of human element

Online translations eliminate the human expertise and consultancy provided by professional project managers and linguists. They can handle translations based on specific domains and the needs of your clients, ensuring the quality and relevance of translations. The lack of the human element, which is more costly but infinitely more qualitative than an online translation, leads to unwanted situations in 95% of cases when you resort to the web for such a service.

In(stead of a) conclusion

Online translations are ideal if you’re not too serious about the purpose of the translation itself. If, on the other hand, you are part of a business or need a document translated accurately, a translation agency is the right choice for you. Yes, you will have to pay for the service but the result is a translation you can use in any situation. Write to us anytime, from anywhere, if you need translations. Rest assured, everything happens online here as well.