1. Client’s request

When a client submits a translation request, a dedicated project manager confirms receipt within a maximum of 15 minutes.

2. File and requirement analysis

Before we send out a quote in response to the translation request, we examine the files in detail, so as to ensure we can meet all specifications regarding the language combination, the subject matter and the deadline.

3. Price quote and deadline

Once we have finished examining all the details, we send out a customised price quote including our recommended solution, as well as any information on a suggested deadline, and an estimated budget. Before we proceed with the translation process, we ensure the client has confirmed our quote.

4. Identifying and assigning the resources

The dedicated project manager is responsible for identifying and assigning the best resources. He or she chooses the specialised translators to be assigned to the project based on the type of text, then identifies and recommends the most suitable glossaries, and suggests the CAT tools to be used in order to ensure better quality control.

5. Study, research and translation execution

Our workflow is then taken over by the translator. After having received all the details regarding the translation project, he or she researches and carries out an in-depth study of the specific terminology required, checks to see if there are any client-specific terminological requests, and makes up a new glossary of terms where necessary. The main goal is to ensure the use of consistent terminology and phrasing.

6. Proofreading the document

The next step is the proofreading of the translated document. Our Proofreading Department assesses the translation accuracy, ensures that all terminological specifications have been met and that the entire project is in line with the client’s original request.

7. Formatting the document (DTP)

In the end, we ensure the layout of the translated text is similar to that of the original document.

8. Translation delivery and invoicing

Once the project has been completed, we deliver the files by email, ordinary mail or fast courier service. We also send out the invoice, according to the previously agreed terms and conditions.