We have been challenged to translate thousands of pages, we have tested our limits and we have overcome them.


We are defined by what we do with passion, by our translations, actions and decisions, and your opinion can help us improve our work strategy. We have come to realise we can do more and our desire to improve has become a duty towards ourselves.

At Swiss Solutions Translation Agency, communication is key to maintaining long-term business relationships, and our goal is to turn every interaction into a productive experience.

Tell us how we can become better for you!

Corporate Communications Support Representative

Professionalism and promptness. These are the first words that come to mind when thinking about our experience with the Swiss Solutions team, who are constantly committed to meeting our demands. Our team have always cared deeply about our company’s needs and our partnership with Swiss Solutions Translation Agency is built on respect and a common goal: the top quality of the final product.

Marketing Specialist

We started our partnership with Swiss Solutions Translation Agency in order to have a backup for our translation needs.

However, the promptness of the team members, the accuracy of the translations, the willingness to communicate and, last but not least, the support provided by the entire team to us, the beneficiaries, have turned that “backup” into a beautiful partnership that has been going on for 5 years now.

We are thankful to the Swiss Solutions team and we are looking forward to complete many other future projects together.

Managing Secretary

Always cheerful, and open to clients’ needs, no matter the field, the language or the deadline, providing customised solutions—in a nutshell: Swiss Solutions Translation Agency.

Project Manager

Swiss Solutions Translation Agency has been on our side ever since we started out, helping us take our first steps with ease. No matter how complex our requests or how tight the deadlines, we have always received support and prompt deliveries. We have communicated very well at all times, and that is something I’ve appreciated a lot. They are a team of committed, competent, efficient and trustworthy people I can always rely on.

Customer Support Representative

Our partnership with Swiss Solutions Translation Agency has been very satisfactory. The people I had the pleasure to work with have always been very prompt, professional, kind, and willing to provide details on the translation process.

Our company generally needs specialised translations that are confined by deadlines, and due to Swiss Solutions, we were able to get the work done on time.

Asistent Manager

We are pleased by our partnership with Swiss Solutions Translation Agency. Our business relationship is based on punctuality, responsiveness, quality and professionalism. Their team is made up of trustworthy people that are very efficient to work with. No matter the project type or difficulty, the specialised solutions offered by Swiss Solutions have always had a positive impact on the translation quality.