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Oil & Gas Translations

A team of experts in oil and gas translations.

Specialised translations meeting the high quality and precision standards of the the oil & gas industry.

The oil & gas industry is at the centre of today’s human activities, from transportation to energy. The translation requirements in this field are demanding, since cooperation between various companies and government agencies, and communication with the public, demands on them.

When we speak of oil and gas translations, we speak of a vast and diversified field, including technical translations concerning newly developed industry-specific technologies and tools in the industry, as well as translations combining legal, financial or journalistic language with the technical and chemical fields, including statistics, contracts, analyses, news and presentations about this industry.

Taking that into account, Swiss Solutions provides specialised translation services for the oil and gas industry in response to current market requirements and client demand.

Types of documents

To establish a set of writing standards for documents in this field, several types of documents have been delineated according to their destination and use.


Draft laws




Government Decisions






Articles/financial analyses


Environmental and water permits


Geotechnical studies


Methodologies in different areas

What our clients say about us

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Project Manager

“During our collaboration with the Swiss Solutions Translation Agency, we have appreciated their professionalism and the quality of the translation services as well as the open and friendly attitude of the entire team. The people from Swiss Solutions have always been flexible in meeting the deadlines and requirements of the projects they provided for us, while maintaining a high level of quality of service.”