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Finance & Banking Translations

A team of experts in financial-banking translations.

We have an extensive knowledge of financial-banking terminology.

We receive and handle many translation requests for financial-banking documents. Although this field focuses on numbers, the terminology used also needs to be supported by the translator’s or reviewer’s expertise.

To ensure an accurate and high-quality translation, Swiss Solutions works only with specialised translators who have extensive knowledge of financial-banking terminology and can translate all types of documents. Furthermore, we use computer-assisted translation tools to build large termbases for each specific area of this field.

Like every other specialised translation field, financial-banking translations include a series of specific documents that are designed and written according to a clear set of rules that will also have to be observed in the target document.

Types of documents

To establish a set of writing standards for documents in this field, several types of documents have been delineated according to their destination and use.


Annual financial reports


Financial statements


Mutual fund reports


Banking reports and contracts


Commercial contracts and addendums


Insurance contracts for movable and immovable property


Accounting documents


Legal documents for businesses


Economic and commercial law documents


Audit reports

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“Always in a good mood, open to the needs of their customers, regardless of field, language or deadline, with customized solutions – in short: Swiss Solutions Translation Agency.”