Below are the areas covered by our specialised translation services.
We treat each translation project as an exciting new challenge.

We provide specialised translations in 80 languages and hundreds of language combinations. In addition to our translation services, over time, we have also developed our interpreting expertise, and we currently provide interpreting services in more than 50 languages.

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  • Zulu

specialised translations

The translation process requires proficiency in the source as well as the target language, along with specialised linguistic knowledge in the specific field. Our offer of specialised translations covers the engineering, legal, financial-banking, medical, automotive, marketing, general, IT & gaming fields. Below you will find a list of the types of documents that are most frequently translated at Swiss Solutions, organised according to field.

Engineering translations

Product catalogues, work instructions, operating and user manuals, technical instructions, material safety data sheets, product specifications, installation and maintenance instructions, feasibility studies, tender specifications, environmental reports, testing protocols.

Financial-banking translations

Audit reports, balance sheets, account balances, invoices, annual/monthly/quarterly statements, reporting policies, financial statements, payrolls, tax residence certificates, financial analyses.

Legal translations

Agreements, contracts, minutes, powers of attorney, legal statements, documentation for tenders, articles of incorporation, memorandums, treaties, laws and ordinances, international warrants, sentences, police reports, insolvency procedures, diplomas, certifications, birth/marriage certificates.

Medical translations

Clinical trials, consent forms, summary of product characteristics (SmPC), patient information brochures, package leaflets, medical reports, user manuals for medical devices, lab tests, genetic studies, software for medical and laboratory use, pharmacology studies, discharge summaries.

IT & gaming translations

Software and hardware specifications, system requirements (SRS), peripherals, software user manuals, game descriptions and instructions, including online games (casinos, betting, sports, arcade games, social games).

Automotive translations

Work safety instructions, calibration certificates, technical specifications, safety system descriptions, vehicle equipment and accessory overviews, diagnostic methods, standard operating procedures (SOPs).

General translations

Job descriptions, general operating procedures, articles, questionnaires, codes of conduct, CVs, training materials, internal corporate documents.

Marketing translations

Websites, advertising brochures, flyers, product labels, reports, catalogues, press releases, information campaigns/events, presentations, visual identity manuals.