Our story

Learn about our mission and vision.

We are Swiss Solutions, a major translation service provider in Romania, headquartered in Timișoara with additional offices in Bucharest and Arad. Since 2004, our activity has focused on providing specialised translations in over 80 languages, in a variety of fields, including the automotive, medical and pharmaceutical, legal, financial, engineering, IT and marketing sectors, with an excellent price/time/performance ratio.

Our translations are produced exclusively by native translators, thanks to a global team currently consisting of more than 3,000 collaborators from all over the world. In addition to our translation services, we offer interpreting, proofreading, editing, DTP and translation certification services.

From 2015 onwards, we extended our operations on the international market by opening a new office in Frankfurt, Germany. This step enabled us to develop new partnerships with companies worldwide, as well as to strengthen older relationships.

In 2016, we were listed among the Top 20 Language Service Providers in Eastern Europe, in a ranking published by Common Sense Advisory.

our mission

To be a brand

  • To work passionately every day
  • To inspire
  • To be transparent
  • To make a difference

To create value

  • To take responsibility for what we do and don’t do
  • To centre our activity on creating value and quality
  • To reward our collaborators and employees for finding the right solutions
  • To learn from our results: what worked and what didn’t

To focus on the national and international market

  • To centre our attention on our clients’ needs
  • To listen, to observe, to learn
  • To be up-to-date with the latest developments in the translation industry
  • To stay curious and innovative

To work smartly

  • To have the courage to change the normal course of things when necessary
  • To give priority to each request
  • To work efficiently
  • To stay open to change and be a part of it