Because we verify the translations twice before they get to you.

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After the translation is completed, the document is checked by a reviewer who makes sure the original instructions received from the client have been observed and the translation meets an optimal quality level.

What does a proof reader do?

The reviewer checks the target text to make sure its meaning matches that of the source text, analyses the texts, ensures a high-quality standard and researches terminology constantly.

What does the review imply?

Proof reading is a very important step in the translation process because it is meant to considerably increase the quality of translations, providing a neutral view of the text and identifying possible errors perpetuated from the translation stage.


Proof reading involves comparing the source and the target texts, as well as checking aspects related to layout, terminological consistency, register, style.


The proof reading stage also involves the identification of terminological inconsistencies or the erroneous translation of certain specialised terms.


Proof reading involves identifying any possible non-compliance with translation conventions, lexical, structure or semantics issues, possible approximations, or text layout issues.


Following the proof reading process, the proof reader uses translation and terminology databases, quality assurance programs, translation memories, dictionaries, terminology glossaries, reference materials.

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In the proof reading stage, we verify if

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Thee customer’s requirements are met

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The integrity of the translated text

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The rendering as faithful as possible of the meaning of the original text

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The adherence to the target language specific grammar

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The accurate reproduction of numbers, names, tables, graphs, images

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avoiding unpleasant sound associations by means of appropriate adaptations to the context

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The use of diacritics in the case of translations into Romanian