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The translation is just part of the entire solution. If your text is about to be published anywhere in the public space, like a website, a banner, a brochure or the mass media, this extra step will cut out any unwanted emotions.

The copywriter’s role

One of our copywriters will help you get rid of an extra step and cost for reaching another agency, like a marketing expert or writer. The translated text is then revised by them and adapted to the message of your brand. Our copywriter will speak the language of your clients, without being too salesy.

Marketing-ready content

The copywriting process implies editing the text without changing its meaning. The editor wants to use attractive and interesting words, pushing readers towards action. They will deliver a marketing-ready version of your translation.


Based on the source language, the copywriter will follow the exact message your content delivers, making it better by using certain keywords for marketing-ready content.


The copywriter will identify these words that can be used without changing the entire understanding of the text, and then making the appropriate changes to elevate the content.


The next step is identifying any marketing needs that the client might have asked for, and then implementing them in the translated text by the instructions provided.


Finally, the text is read once again to ensure that the values of your brand, the speciality terminology and the general message of the text is totally followed before delivery.

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In the copywriting stage:

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We follow the client’s instructions

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We revise the marketing aspects

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We use the proper terminology

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We keep the main focus of the content

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We focus on the benefits of your product

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We monitor the terminology consistency

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We keep the text as on-point as possible

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We avoid any too-salesy phrasing

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We follow the given dimensions of the text