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Money makes the world go round… but not without the right translations.

When it comes to money and finances, we make no compromises. Banking translations are crucial for the health and wealth of society as a whole.

Numbers count when it comes to finances and banking. Yet without a clear message, they are just figures with no soul. Banking translations are the hidden propeller of the world.

Our translation agency works with experienced linguists with a background in special terminology from the banking world. Many of them have worked in financial institutions, securing practical experience in the money industry.

Terminology glossaries are extremely important with this field. We put them together alongside all of our current or new clients. This step reduces the processing time as well as the price of any translation. Time is money, literally.


Among the most popular banking documents our partners need translations for are:

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Annual financial reports

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Financial statements

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Mutual fund reports

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Banking reports and contracts

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Commercial contracts and addendums


Insurance contracts for movable and immovable properties


Accounting documents


Legal documents for businesses


Economic and commercial law documents


Audit reports

What our clients say about us:

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Secretary Manager

“Always in a good mood, open to the needs of their customers, regardless of field, language or deadline, with customized solutions – in short: Swiss Solutions Translation Agency.”