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The reviser and the translations. The right person at the right moment

Revizorul și traducerile. Omul potrivit la locul potrivit lavinia blocau
  1. What would you say about the work of a reviser in a translation company?

The revision is the last step of the translation process. After the translation itself, the document is verified by a reviser, who makes sure that the initial instructions received from the client have been met and that translation may be classified into an optimal quality level.

  1. Why is important the revision of a document?

The reason is very simple actually: it offers a neutral opinion on the text translated. The reviser may have another vision on a text, maybe sometimes, the reviser finds a better variant, thus improving the quality of the translation. Also, the mistakes are easier to identify from the outside. J

  1. What is the less pleasant side of this role?

A long time spent in front of the computer and the pressure of the deadline, I guess.

  1. Why did you choose this profession? Why Swiss Solution?

It’s a field that allows me to improve my general knowledge and to use my imagination. It gives me the freedom to understand a message and to pass it on in a way that can represent me. In a way, it implies a creation act. I chose Swiss Solutions because it is a reference agency on the market translation, but first of all, because of the trust offered, the confidence that you can be good, that you can learn, even if you don’t have any experience.

  1. Tell us a funny / interesting story about one project in particular.

It’s impossible to recreate in writing the charm of the funny moments from the revision office, as it’s more a contextual comic and it’s kind of mandatory to see the live show. J We have fun every day for various reasons; we particularly enjoy the gems hidden in the texts we’re revising and, of course, our reaction is not late, but let’s not forget about the classic “laugh when in trouble“, specific for the Romanian culture, which the revision team uses with the utmost confidence every time an extreme situation comes our way. I use the plural because when I say revision, I mean all my colleagues, we are some sort of collective person. J

  1. What happens if a document is not properly revised?

Without the revision phase or without a proper verification, the quality of the translation is definitely lower. And when I say revision, I don’t mean only the revision as an independent phase within the translation process, carried out by a person from the outside. I include here auto-revision as well, an extremely important step that every translator must go through after finalizing the translation.

  1. Describe your job using 3 words.

patience + concentration = revision