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Swiss Solutions is among the top 20 language service providers in Eastern Europe

February 11, 2017

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Swiss Solutions Translation Agency has made it into the Top 20 Largest LSPs from Eastern Europe. The ranking is made each year by Common Sense Advisory, based on information about 18,500 language service and translation software providers from 137 countries.

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In 2016, Swiss Solutions Translation Agency was listed among the Top 20 Largest Language Service Providers along with other prestigious companies from Eastern Europe. With an aim to monitor the translation market, Common Sense Advisory (CSA), headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, makes an annual ranking of companies that provide language services. Swiss Solutions Romania made it into this ranking with a 1.79-million-dollar turnover.

This year’s Top includes an overview of how translation services and related services are distributed, a financial performance analysis of the most visible companies worldwide, and a list of top global and regional providers. The report analyses the translation market from January 2015 to December 2015. Based on this data, the translation industry generates an annual revenue exceeding 40 billion dollars.

My wife and I founded the company in 2004. We started out with two simple principles in mind: to offer top-quality services and to build client relationships based on communication and transparency. We grew step by step with each new client and each new job, while always trying to stay up to date with industry-specific technologies and specialising in various fields. As a result, we now have 45 employees and work with most major companies in Romania, as well as various automotive, banking and medical companies worldwide. Being included in this Top 20 confirms our efforts and hard work from the past 12 years while challenging us to become better and better every day.

Florin GrünbergManager General Swiss Solutions