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Project Management in the translation world

mihnea socol Project Management în lumea traducerilor

Mihnea is some sort of Prince Charming, because he has grown in 2 years in Swiss Solutions as others in 7. He likes what he does and clients love him.

1.     Mihnea, what does it mean to be a Project Manager?

First of all, Project Manager means multi-tasking. You are always in a continuous progress and, definitely, you can never get bored. There are many projects out of which you learn a new procedure or a new program. Project Management also implies coordination, attention and a careful analysis of the project. To pay attention to the deadline. To make sure that you deliver to the client the “final product” according to the specifications mentioned by it. And, of course, above all these, patience and calm to be able to make all I have said before.

2.     What are the challenges of your role of Project Manager in a translation agency?

One of the toughest challenges is definitely the word “emergency”. Usually, everything urgent means same-day delivery. Another challenge, equally important is to find the best resources for each project. What matters the most is to have the right person, to comply with the requirements of the client, so that everything can be OK in the end.

3.     How do you manage to keep the balance between translators and clients?

By empathy. I try to see from both sides. To understand how difficult it can for translators in certain situations, and how much the client needs that document. So, I try to find the middle way, satisfying for both parties.

4.     Tell us about a funny / interesting experience about a project.

One of the projects I will never forget was right when I started working in Swiss. My first big project. So, you take a Friday, let’s say around 18:00, with two persons left in the company. Just me and another colleague, a colleague with a little more experience in Swiss. I receive an e-mail from the client, somewhere around 350 pages to translate by Monday. I thought I’ll have to come on Saturday as well just to allocate the project, but, with the help of my colleague, I managed to allocate the project in less than two hours. Calmly, patiently.

5.     What is important the work of a Project Manager in a translation company?

I think that the PM is the person who has to understand the requirements of the client, to know what the steps are to be done, and then to transmit the information to the translator and the other persons involved in the project. Therefore, the work of a PM is very important.

6.     What are top 3 things you learned from Swiss Solutions?

Organization. Multi-tasking. Taking a decision in a key moment.

7.     Describe your role in 3 words.