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A journey in the world of numbers with Roxana- Accountant @Swiss Solutions

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Roxi left the banking world in order to take on a new challenge: that of being accountant in a translation company.

  1. What are Roxana’s favourite activities, from the position of accountant?

I could say that one of my favourite daily activities is to check the receipts from the clients, to see how the amount in the account grows (laughs). Even though I was happy about this, a few seconds I like to spend the money, to make the payments to our collaborators.

  1. How is the day of an accountant?

It’s difficult to answer, there is never one day like the next one. Of course, there are some routine daily tasks that I have to handle, but every day may bring something new. Clients write us for any kind of problem- they need their invoices redone, or they request certain explanations for the amounts invoiced; the Project Managers, even though they have some years of experience, they still need support, for the internal as well as the external invoices.

  1. Share with us a funny story.

Now it sounds funny, but at that moment, trust me, there was nothing to laugh about. I had just started working here and I was issuing invoices for a foreign translator. Cosmi (my colleague) was checking some debts, not paying attention to what I was doing. I did the payment in Euros, and at the end, the amount appeared in Lei. Not knowing that, at the completion of the transaction, the amount will be displayed in Lei, I literally gone white and I panicked, thinking that I have paid more than I should have. When Cosmi saw me, she started laughing at my panicked expression.

  1. What is the most important aspect of your job?

I think that in order to face all the agitation an accountant is dealing with on a regular basis, you must be very careful, thing I cannot brag about. I manage to succeed because I like what I do, I am very happy to have good colleagues and I can actually say that we are much more than a group of people working together.

  1. What would you advise the translators?

Hmmm, as a personal advice, I would like to encourage them to get in touch more often with the accounting department, if they have certain problems or ambiguities, simply because sometimes Project Managers don’t have all the answers.

  1. How do you perceive yourself in the Swiss Solution team?

I think that, just like my other colleagues, I am a “wheel” in the Swiss Solutions mechanism. Even though the position I hold is called “accountant”, there are so many other roles I take on that it’s rather difficult to list them. I like to be a real support for my colleagues, when they need it, but what I like the most is to see that, at the end of the day, all the problems have been solved and there is no flagged email.