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Medical translations – Q&A with Claudia Costa

Traducerile medicale – Q&A cu Claudia Costa

Why have you chosen this profession?

Even though I am a graduate the medicine faculty, I have always been fascinated by words. I like to read, I like to learn foreign languages. Before becoming a translator, I have written articles on medical and other themes.

What are the disadvantages of the translation profession?

For a correct translation, one needs a lot of attention and meticulousness- therefore, for a long time. Also, this profession overburdens one’s sight and is prone to a sedentary way of life.

Why did you choose to join the translation agency Swiss Solutions? Why did you stay?

I joined the Swiss Solutions agency for the opportunity to combine the two domains I am good at: medical terminology and translations. I stayed because I really like what I do.

Why are medical translations different in comparison with specialized translations?

First of all, because of the specific and very vast terminology. Medical sciences include various specializations and supra-specializations. There is a joke about it: you specialized so much until you know everything about nothing…

Tell us about a difficult project.

I had various difficult projects, for example, revisions of some translation projects of a very poor quality.

How do you see the translation market in Romania?

Always developing.

Your advice for translators in Romania.

If you don’t translate with passion, then it would be better to look for something else to do.