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It’s a man’s world. The Germans, translations and Mirela

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Mirela is Sales Manager at Swiss Solutions and lives in Frankfurt. She took on the challenge to go to Germany so that she can take over the borders the Swiss Solutions story.

  1. How would you describe Germany’s translation market?

The translation market in Germany is an active one, always expanding and with a very high number of translation agencies! Nevertheless, there is an opening of the clients towards new companies, but it’s important to constantly offer something new, tempting or different!

  1. What are the main differences between the translation market in Germany and Romania?
  • Translation companies are specialized on various domains and language combinations.
  • It’s an international market, in Romania, the activity is rather local.
  • The economic/financial balance of the country automatically determines the translation market to be more balanced than the one in Romania.
  1. What assets should a salesman have?

Mine! Obviously, I’m joking! 

First of all, they must pass the test of patience and perseverance; that is the toughest test of all. It takes time, professionalism and QUALITY to get to the heart of a client from Germany. Quality in terms of communication, in the work carried out, in the way of approaching them, by which you keep them and maintain the relationship created.

  1. What was the most difficult experience with a client in Germany?

To be honest, now, I can only think about the great experiences. Most of the clients are very educated and even though they are direct and obviously there are situations what you have to confront directly, they have a nice, polite manner of doing it, without transforming the experience into a challenging one.

Tough for me means to work with a company from Germany. Practically, the hard part is the one before that company becomes a client!

  1. What is the thing you love about your profession?

I love to meet new people, and what I like most about Germany is that I’ve had the opportunity to meet and offer translation services to people from all around the world. I simply love the challenge to win over a new client and the satisfaction you have succeeded!

  1. You’ve been in Swiss Solutions for 5 years now. What kept you here?

I think I stayed because of the

  • jobs challenges – very often, you must step outside your comfort zone,
  • Swiss Solutions’s activity – the translation domain is very nice,

the managerial team who has supported in my decisions and, last but not least, the fact that I can carry out my activities with integrity.