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How Can A Translation Agency Save Your Company From Trouble And Headaches


agenție de traduceri swiss solutions timisoara romana engleza translation agency

This article is an advertisement. #ads. Wait, don’t go! Wait a minute… The difference is, we tell you what it is, compared to other people. We let you know from the start, laying out the reasons why you should work with us instead of by yourself. Another thing is practicality. We will be blunt in telling you translations made with an agency are simply better than any other type.

It is hard not to get all salesy when you write an article like this one. And although we know a lot of great translation agencies, some incredible, it’s easier for us to describe… us! After all, we know ourselves better than anyone else! Why would you want to work with a translation agency instead of a translator, ChatGPT or your German aunt Aida? Here are five reasons to consider.

The financial part…

“Hiring a direct translator will ensure lower costs for me.” No, it won’t. “If I hire an agency, the price will surely go up a lot!” Nope. All these ideas stop especially small and medium businesses from choosing a translation agency over a freelancer for their linguistic requests. In reality, an agency will cost you less, the more you work with the same entity. This is possible thanks to the vast experience of the people at the agency, as well as the procedures they have in place.

agenție de traduceri swiss solutions timisoara romana engleza translation agency

At the agency, the price is calculated on a per-word basis. To a translator, you will always pay the total number of words when he or she delivers their final work. At the agency, your previous translations are reused, helping translators when a new order comes in. The more you translate with the same enterprise, the larger the number of words in the database (translation memory and term base, and the lower the prices for your translations as time move on.

Agencies know what they’re doing

There’s nothing wrong with working with a translator directly. The important factor to consider is that a translation agency is an actual team of people who know how to match the right translator with your needs. You may go on a translation jobs website and search for a linguist. Yet the chances of you finding exactly the right person for the job are minuscule. At the translation agency, we have project managers who know how to find the right translator for your requests.

Moreover, if your translation is in dire need of extra services, such as copywriting, marketing, DTP or proofreading, all of these people are ready to help as they are already part of the team. You don’t have to look again and again for people to solve these auxiliary tasks. You simply send in your request and that’s that. You can also get the help of localization experts or interpreters at the agency. One email is all it takes fallin’ in love with us.

We’ll be there for the entire journey

Let’s say you are about to take on the big challenge of buying your very own house. You reach the bank offices and are met with two options. You can talk to an agent who’s just been hired at the job. Or you can go to a financial advisor who’s ready to sign his 1000th credit to a happy couple who’s just paid for their dream home. The same goes for translations. The ones who are ready to face any challenge are the people who’ve dedicated their lives to the field.

The professional who’s reached loan number 1000 is not just a quick solver. He is ready to stick with the client, guiding them needed, every step of the way. At the agency, we offer free consultancy for the entirety of the project. You can count on us instead of having to talk to many people in different locations to solve the same issue. We will carefully listen to your requests and implement your feedback, no matter how challenging the task.

Consistency in quality and style

Say that 10 times fast! Ok, don’t. We were mentioning cost optimization a little earlier. This procedure is made possible thanks to various software that make translators’ tasks easier. For example, there are translation memories, and term bases, where we store the translations made for each client to serve on future projects from them. When a new task comes our way, we know exactly where to look “in the past” in order to speed up the process, without cutting back on quality.

agenție de traduceri swiss solutions timisoara romana engleza translation agency

Apart from speed, another benefit these memories bring is style. As our client, you want to get the same style of translations in 99% of cases, as well as the same format. If you hire another linguist for each and every task you have, you will 100% receive content in different styles. With an agency, as we do have your previous translations, and specialized terminology and we know even the tone you prefer for your content, the style remains the same.

You’re in for that sweet long-term deal

No matter how much time you’ve spent in a certain company, you quickly realized that changing partners or service providers is not really that enjoyable. It’s hell. You always have to change your expectations and go out of your flow if you jump from one translator to the other, or from agency to agency all day. With a constant provider, you have a true chance at bonding, as you will get to understand what your true needs (and solutions) are over time.

Your requests go to the same project manager. The same translator or team of linguists will solve your translations. One or more translators will become “experts” in your company’s needs, so the style and tone of voice will be kept the same with every single new translation you order from us. Consistency. This is what an agency brings above all else. Now and in the long run.

In conclusion…

It’s nice going to the mall and shopping around. You can even do some window shopping if you want to. Yet at the end of the day, you will feel tired and, even if your wallet is empty and your trunk full of stuff, you’re not really satisfied. If your mission is to get rid of chaos, to solve all your linguistic problems in one place, and with great results every single time, a translation agency is the way to go for all of your troubles. It could be ours. And if not, you’re free to find another one.

Just make sure you don’t take all the time in the world to find it…