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iso 13485


Introducing Our New ISO 13485, And Why It Actually Matters To You

Medicine relies on quality. Every medical performance, from a simple drug prescription to conducting the most complex surgeries, must be of the highest possible quality. How can you tell if those working in the field are capable of completing their tasks successfully? A first and important indicator is whether they possess an international quality standard. […]

larisa team leader lsp 1000 emailuri


Meet Larisa, the girl who replies to 1000 emails a day

Larisa’s superpower is to answer more than 1000 emails a day. Well, not every day. That would lead to energy exhaustion, both human and supernatural. But yes, there are days, and many of them, when the number of emails she goes through reaches the hundreds or surpasses the 1000 mark. Larisa is our LSP division […]



The Romanian Freelance Translator Who Turned New York City into Her Home away from Home

Roxana had no idea that she will become a full-time freelance translator, at least not during her university studies. At the same time, she never dreamed about living in New York, during the time she spent studying economics in Bucharest. A young Roxana was so into taking on a completely different path in life that […]

Oamenii noștri ne fac faimoși – traduceri specializate marca Swiss Solutions


Our people make us famous – specialised translations signed by Swiss Solutions

Creative specialised translations: our people make us famous while tackling the most interesting assignments! We’ve been providing specialised translations for almost 13 years, and the jobs we assign to our translators cover a wide range of subjects. We take pride in our people, value their loyalty, and appreciate their commitment to even the most unusual translation projects. […]

5 greşeli de traducere din domeniul marketingului (I)


5 translation errors from the marketing industry (I)

Even major companies make brand blunders, usually when a new product is launched into a new market. Such linguistic accidents may be caused by a misunderstanding of the target language and culture. For a global approach, a general, one-size-fits-all policy is hardly ever practicable. Translating a slogan properly means considering all linguistic and cultural matters, but translators must […]