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lingivst kazahstan nurlan kazakhstan

September 21, 2023

Meet Nurlan, the linguist who manages a team of 100 translators in Kazakhstan

There are many similarities between Romania and Kazakhstan when you ask people about the two countries. They would probably assume this and that about both of them. Especially since they are both “developing” countries. And Borat visited them in his movie. In fact, these nations have been through a lot. And now, they’re trying to […]

limbi exotice linguists

September 7, 2023

Linguists Reveal the Secrets of the World’s Most Exotic Languages

For a Vietnamese, the Romanian language would be considered exotic. It differs in most aspects from the language spoken on the streets of Hanoi. If it weren’t spoken, actually, there would be no common ground between the two. And yet there are people in this world who can understand both these languages perfectly. Translators can […]

traduceri in Ucraina

August 24, 2023

Translating Through Hell. How To Survive In War-Torn Ukraine As An Agency

On a chilly Wednesday afternoon at the end of February, Maria and her colleagues were leaving the office like they always do. In spite of a long day, they were in a good mood. Translations in Ukraine were starting to pick up once more, and she and her team were fully booked for months ahead. […]

19 ani de swiss solutions

August 10, 2023

19 Years of Changing the World. Lessons about Translations and Life We Learned Over Two Decades

In a world dominated by social media, climate change, war, viruses and whatnot, what can a translation agency from Timisoara, with a staff of 40, do for us all to live a better, more development-driven life? Almost nothing, you might think at first. Yet numbers don’t lie. Over the past 19 years, we’ve changed the […]

June 19, 2023

The Seven Most “Impossible” Languages On Earth To Translate

What are the most impossible-to-translate languages out there? We’d think many of you would go straight for Chinese, Arabic, or Japanese. And very few would think about Hungarian, for example. In all honesty, all languages on this earth are hard to translate, especially if the translation is done by the wrong person. Much like in […]

human translator

June 6, 2023

We had a human translator and the bot from ChatGPT take the ultimate language test

While Roxana is as human as possible, and sometimes a bit too incredible for us to handle, her rival in this test is as inhuman as they get nowadays. A bot. A programming code with no feelings, no reactions in any situation, just a pleasing doer. Why would you test two very different entities head […]