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An anniversary interview with Paula – Super Vendor Manager

Hi, Paula! Thank you very much for accepting to share some of your stories as Vendor Manager. We hope this interview to be useful and valuable, especially for translators. First of all, I will ask you to tell us a little bit more about what it means to be Vendor Manager. To be a Vendor […]

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A journey in the world of numbers with Roxana- Accountant @Swiss Solutions

Roxi left the banking world in order to take on a new challenge: that of being accountant in a translation company. What are Roxana’s favourite activities, from the position of accountant? I could say that one of my favourite daily activities is to check the receipts from the clients, to see how the amount in […]

Trainer, Team Leader, Soul Leader – într-un singur cuvânt, Dobra

Trainer, Team Leader, Soul Leader – in one word, Dobra

Hello Dobris! Thank you for letting us see a small part of your work, of the people who invest in other people. Could you share with us what is the best thing about the trainings you give? It’s not about one thing in particular, but about people. I like that I am the first person […]

Interviu aniversar cu Florin Grünberg @ Swiss Solutions

Anniversary interview with Florin Grünberg @ Swiss Solutions

How did you come up with the idea of a translation agency? I think I gave this answer year after year, at every Swiss Solutions anniversary. How the idea was born? Having a cup of coffee, with Roxana, back in 2004. Roxana had just graduated from the Faculty of Letters, was looking for work in […]