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Anniversary interview with Cornelia – Guru Graphic Designer @ Swiss Solutions

Interviu aniversar cu Cornelia – Grafician Guru @ Swiss Solutions

The work of a graphic designer requires a lot of attention, preciseness and patience. Cornelia has been working for Swiss Solutions for 6 years now and knows very well both the company and the activity of a DTP specialist.

  1. Cornelia, can you tell us which are the activities of a graphic designer/DTP specialist in a translation company?

Graphic design is a very vast area. Working in a translation agency, editing, preparing and processing the texts are all tasks part of the main activities. Besides all these, it also takes a little bit of imagination and a very good knowledge of the paging, editing and photo editing programs.

  1. Why attention to detail is important?

Attention to detail is pretty important in any profession. There are projects which require even more attention. Together with the other departments, we try to ensure a quality standard as high as possible. I believe that a happy client is the best commercial.

  1. There is a difference between the activity of a graphic designer working in a translation agency and a graphic designer working in other areas?

There isn’t really any difference between a graphic designer working in a translation agency and a graphic designer working somewhere else. Actually, the only difference is the activity of the company. A graphic designer working in a publishing house or an advertising agency has to deal with the same challenges and troubleshooting moments.

  1. Tell us a little bit more about a difficult project

Hmmmmm….difficult project, I don’t know if I can say that I had difficult projects. Each project is difficult in some way. The moment you get to know all the specifications and the requirements asked by the client, the project becomes less difficult. It’s a pleasure to process those files/projects.

  1. What happens when you get a project with mistakes?

“Challenge accepted.” Quality comes first- I think I’ve said it all.

  1. You have quite some years of working in Swiss. Why this company and not the next one?

I think that any job should be a challenge. In the 6 years, more than 6 years, spent in Swiss this is a challenge I deal with every day. Every day is different, every project is different. As I said before, Challenge accepted. I like what I do and this thing can be seen in my work.