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10 Unique Things We Did in 2023 at the Agency


swiss solutions 2023

For our agency, 2023 was truly unforgettable. These are big words, but we say them with a note of gratitude and innocence at the same time. Although we had an extraordinary year, we don’t want to take it too seriously. There’s always room for more projects, better work, more productivity, etc. However, it’s good to know when to stop, and when it’s healthy to take breaks.

In 2023, Swiss Solutions grew. Financially, yes, but especially… in a humane way. We expanded the team, not just in terms of the number of people but especially in the personal and professional development of the existing staff. How did we do that? By breaking the norm. Working more diligently, not necessarily more. Going where the magic of translations happens. Craving more from every one of us.

We attended dozens of small and large events

It would take an entirely separate article to tell you about all the countries we Swiss Solutions visited in 2023 “for business purposes” so we’ll keep it short. We went to Italy, Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, the United States of America, Estonia, and, of course, Romania, where we flew or drove to Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, the Danube (#teambuilding) and other beautiful places and locations. Communication is crucial in our industry, especially the face-to-face kind.

We made it to America

We cherish every event we go to. It’s only natural, being avid travellers ourselves. #wanderlust However, we must mention our trip to America in particular. Why? Because it was an #eyeopener for us. The way people “across the pond” talk about translations, artificial intelligence, and collaboration is fascinating. We can’t wait to go back to America next year, for other events like the ATA Conference or LocWorld. These trips were awesome!

We celebrated 19 years of translations

How do you see translations at the age of 19? Swiss Solutions shows wisdom. But with just as much innocence and openness as on the first day. After 19 years in the industry, we know what translations are all about. We can do patience. Understanding. Calmness. Professionalism. Care. Interest. These may sound like corporate words but for us, they are an operating code. With this set of words (or values, if you want to be completely business-related) in mind, we carry out our day-to-day activities.

Swiss Solutions became even bigger and stronger

We are extremely grateful for every employee we have ever had. But especially for the people who joined the agency in 2023. Somehow, we don’t know how but the stars aligned perfectly, and almost every single person who came to us integrated seamlessly into the team. New people help us grow, become even better, and develop.

We had booths at two important trade fairs

We visited Germany several times in 2023 for work. The most special trips to the German lands were in November when we set up our booths at two of the world’s most important fairs. Five colleagues made it to MEDICA, showcasing admirably to visitors worldwide why we are the best at medical translations. The same happened at Tekom, where we sent two colleagues. In addition to translations, there was a lot of talk about the Romanian wine that we served at our booths. Tschüss!

We added new services to our portfolio

An agency that grows does so in every possible way. Fairs, conferences, new clients, new people, and surely new services. In terms of these last ones, in 2023, we strengthened our offering of subtitles and voiceovers. At the same time, we worked on resources, where we strengthened collaborations with top native translators from around the globe. We have big plans for 2024, so stay tuned!

We became official Trados resellers in Romania

Trados is like the Thor of translation software. You can’t defeat it, no matter how hard you try. It’s THE software, and for this reason, in 2023 we decided to give ourselves a birthday present and became official resellers of the software in Romania. We also created a dedicated page for this product, which you can find here.

We heard the stories of the people we care about

In 2023, we started writing on our blog more, after a small readjustment break. And we didn’t just write about translations, Plunet, our offers, or industry-related stuff, no. They don’t seem right for a translation agency like ours. We are quirky, deal with it. Instead, we told our audience the stories of the coolest people we know and work with. Both those within the agency and some people outside the office. The most important stories we published in 2023 are listed below:

– The Story of the Romanian Translator Who Made New York into Her Home

– Translations from Hell: How to Survive in War-Torn Ukraine as a Linguistic Agency

– Nurlan’s Story: The Kazakh Linguist Who Leads a Team of 100 Translators

– Larisa from LSP: The Girl Who Answers 1000 Emails a Day

Surviving the Swiss Solutions team building

19 ani de swiss solutions

We love team getaways. We do one or two every few months. In addition to the unofficial ones, of course! But during our 2023 team building, things leaned more towards survival. It’s all about controlling your breathing, measuring your liquid intake, and Pictionary. And Alex Velea, a Romanian trapanele singer who performed at the hotel across the street.

Swiss Solutions published a magazine

swiss solutions 2023

Instead of good holiday wishes, #cheers and other greetings, we’ll invite you to read our brand-new magazine! It’s 60 pages long, has lots of pictures and plenty of #motivational pieces. It’s about translators, not just the industry of translations. It’s about us, about you, and those who had our back in 2023. It’s about the entire story of Swiss Solutions during the year 2023. We like it, but if you don’t like it, you can send complaints while enjoying your Christmas dinner, to our marketing guy. You can find the magazine here, and with that said, we wish you happy holidays! We’ll resume our conversation in 2024.